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 Do you still have massage on pain or SYMPTOMS area?

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What is SEITAI? ~整体を世界へ〜
This video tells you more 
about SEITAI. ENG subtitled


・Neck, shoulder or arm soreness

・Upper or lower back pain

・Hip, leg or foot pain

・Sports injuries


・Osgood-Schlater disease

・Increase immune system

・Pre & Post operation

・Plantar fasciitis

 & Unknown symptoms


・Mental problems

​・Organs disorder

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       Who is coming to MHClinic?
・From 5years old children to over 82years. 
​・People nearly give up to fix the problems.
・People couldn't improve their symptoms after
   any other treatments.


You are recommended minimum 3〜4 sessions of 
SEITAI therapy as your body needs bit of time to
update from your history.
SEITAI is no.1 well known alternative therapy in Japan. 
Please note:
All bodies and problems are different,
so treatment results may vary.
Contact me today!

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Bookings are essential.  Private health insurance rebates available.                         
Increasing immune system, update what your body/brain remembers. 
by Gentle manipulation 

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